Smartphones of the Future – Camera, Display, Design, Battery, Power!!!
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Smartphones of the Future - Camera, Display, Design, Battery, Power!!!smartphone and we wait for the upcoming models in the market that Samsung has launched note 8 and Apple is going to launch iPhone 8 but we are excited that the smartphone is going to be the same in the upcoming 4 – 5 years? i meant that we need some amazing technology that should be very interesting and very helpful so today I am going to talk about those technologies which is going to be in your upcoming smartphones hi guys , my name is Sushil and your watching technical guruji channel let’s get started intro music if you see in the couple of years we have made a huge development in each every department but any crazy development has not yet been done because we have improved step-by-step if you talk about display or camera or battery but now something crazy is going to happen in couple of years ( 3 -5 years) because many patent’s have came out and in many concepts the research is going on in future surprising device is going to be launched, no matter from wherever it may be launched or whatever amazing technology through that we can say WOW!! what a discovery.
so, I am talking about in smartphones field in different region if i talk about camera, display, design, processors or battery so how we can improve, where we can improve and what are the improvements we are going to make so if i talk about camera first, first of all the rear camera that too VGA , we were using only that after that comes front camera then rear dual camera and then front dual camera and as you can see now these things are very common in budget camera’s and you will see the 10k – 15k (indian rupees) phones will also have the rear dual camera common whether it may be for zoom or wide angle or potrait shots these things are going to come in budget phones, if I talk about flagship phones so the very common will be the 360° camera without the help of any other accessories you can clip the 360° image/video in your phone itself so the concept is almost ready and you will also see the camera very soon in the mobile phones other than this the camera is doing amazing work like, as you have already seen the CAT phone’s camera that is basically thermal camera’s these things is also going to come in very large scale in mobile phone other than this if you talk about infinite camera’s if you are removing brains and you are working in augmented reality, so all these things you do with your phone’s camera easily whether it may be your font camera which reads you face so these things will be developed in flagship phones and in the budget phones also you will get the dual camera very commonly it’s not a huge shocking thing OH! DUAL CAMERA so this is going to very common now i will talk about phone’s DESIGN in design you might have seen the bezel-less design so this is also going to be very common and you will also see in upcoming iphone 8 samsung is also working in infinity display and xiaomi is trying with mi mix and infinity display in the budget phones also it is going to be very common in the range of 10k – 12k like these design you will see which is almost bezel – less this will also be very common in the upcoming 2 years and if you see any bezel – less design you will think that this is very old design i meant we will be very use to with those phone when it is going to be in very large scale as now you are seeing the bezel – less design will also become very common in upcoming years and i was talking about the 18:9 ratio will also become very common other than this we will also go ahead near transparent phones so that will not a budget phones obviously it will be very expensive but we can also go ahead and if we improve other things like it may be battery or other internal then we can definitely make smartphones also now I will talk about the phone’s battery now we are expanding the phones battery capacity we have expanded a lot here the charging speed also we have increased examples like oneplus’s dash charger but the component battery has limitations so we are talking about the true wireless charging. were we can charge through Wi-Fi, charging through radio waves were the higher capacity batteries are not necessary because your device is always been charging so that will be very thin and it will be in any shape that you want through that it can fit in the bottom of your phone through that you can make your phone as transparent so definitely those things are going to come if it doesn’t come too, but the true wireless charging like, if you enter in your room your device is automatically connected and it has start charging your device these thing are also going to see in future in a very very common manner other than this if I talk about the processors. we have done an amazing works in couple of years I meant in 3 -5 years back how was the processors and now how powerful it is and these things in future it is going to be more powerful than now if I talk about more high end processors and an amazing memory chips and that will become more capable to do work that it will not be necessary to carry a laptop or use a desktop as you see that connecting to a computer with only a dock like samsung provide DeX station so in the future it is going to become to use a phone’s power to as a desktop so this is also going to be very in 2-4 years, that much powerful your phone will become what your laptop is doing now you can do with your phone itself and yeah you can’t play GTA 5 in ultra HD settings but, at least you can do your daily work with your phone itself and size of the chips will become more thinner and storage will be 1 TB, 16 GB RAM, 32 GB RAM phone’s and we will achieve in upcoming 4 -5 years and now we will talk about the Display and motorola is ready with their patent. if your screen breaks it automatically repairs your screen and just imagine the screen won’t break and these things we are going to improve and how we confirm that your phone is very rigid to not break, these will also happen very easily other than this, in fact if your phone won’t be phone, and in the future that will become your parts your body like wearable band and it will be an projection screen your hand and the concepts are many and it will also happen in the upcoming 4 – 5 years just think what are the new technology will happen in the upcoming 4 – 5 years just think how was your phone in the last few years and how is it now and if i talk about the artificial intelligence and machine learning and just you are speaking with your phone and everything will just happen with your voice itself.whether if you talk in any language like hindi, marathi, gujarathi and these thing we will do definitely in upcoming years where you can use your phone very easily without pressing any button or without touching your phone and just you’re telling it is doing your workor your task are coming and your phone knows to do automatically and your phone senses what you do daily and it does your automatically and these thing also going to happen and we will improve in each and every fields whether it may be design, display, battery, processors or camera and you guys tell me where you need a improvements in your phone and if you want to one new feature what you will add. that’s in this post, thank you very very much for reading, if you have any questions comment down below.

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